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How to Make Money In A Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity

How To Make Money In A Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Are you wondering whether you can make money online?  If you have searched the browsers there are numerous claims that many have accomplish this feat and they indicate that they have the proof to show you also. Before I give you any possible solution let me warn you of several errors I made.

Jumping from Opportunity To Opportunity: After searching for various opportunities on the Internet and clicking on multiple opt-in boxes I received email after email searching for a good opportunity. Many opportunities sounded so good to be true and you are then caught in the cycle of reading and clicking. Also after purchasing particular programs, you are distracted with another offer before focusing on the strategy you already invested in and you move on before you find any success. This pattern stopped when I realized the Internet truly operates and understanding how the search engines operate. The major understanding I that the found out was that search engines love content and they are searching and sending back reports to their server about every website there is on infinite amounts of various types of content. If your content is limited and consists of unfamiliar unwanted niches then obviously your website will not be ranked and no one will find you. It is critical that you have quality products and know their value. A tremendous amount of research is required to establish the niche value of a product and it is best to find this out far in advance if possible. This can be one of the main reasons why so many marketers will fail and struggle marketing on the Internet. It is very wise to contact a knowledgeable mentor who has experience in the market to assist you in making wise choices.

Giving Up Just Before You reach Success: With out having a knowledgeable mentor and running in to technology frustration after techno frustration and not receiving any rewards of attaining an income, yes there is a huge tendency to give up and state I’ve given it my best shot because the financial burden can become to difficult to bear and yet it may have been just that close to succeeding. You will then give up too soon because of not have the proper mindset, planning before hand or necessary support, all critical elements to be able to succeed. Having the correct mindset with adequate mentorship and coaching can definitely avoid the syndrome of giving up too soon.

Stopping Because Some Obstacles Get Thrown In Your Way: I just ran into a frustrating situation just a few weeks back where I had access to training on my mentors server. I used the Internet Explorer on Windows 7 and Windows Media Player, and I attempted to listen to the video just posted on the server. I could hear the sound but no video so it became an audio recording instead which just did not cut it because it was training on WordPress blogging. After several days of searching the Internet, checking with my mentor and sit not finding a solution. While clicking on numerous tabs I also lost the ability to use the Internet on my computer. So after a $100.00 repair bill at the computer shop and spending and afternoon at the computer shop the technician and I finally found that a bit of code was required for the Windows Media Player. I had switched to Windows 7 two months earlier and found the new Windows Media Player required this code which we found on the Go To Meeting website. I downloaded it and in two minutes after downloading the code I had the player up and running. Pursuing and challenging the obstacles was a great success feeling along this short journey. It just makes you stronger and encourages you to find a solution. Every one will face some obstacles so your Mindset is very important in this journey of Internet entrepreneurship. There are many Internet technically challenged people who manage to become wildly successful and beat all odds on the Internet. So a person must be prepared for many types of challenges and continue to persist in researching solutions and also asking your mentors and trainers for assistance.

Being Lured Into Scams: Fortunately I have not run into any of these outrageous scams where I have been taken for a large sum of money. It is critical to start learning the basic skills of marketing by conducting research, building a blog and a website, and begin driving and attracting traffic to them. I have been very fortunate in my research and finding by a savvy mentor and leader who is leading a team of twenty challengers to build blog content materials in strategic niche markets on our blogs which has in turn assisted our pages to rank very quickly on Google. With his direction and his program of the Academy of Entrepreneur Development and Internet Branding Pro (IBP) programs he is leading us in coaching and training. We are now ready to expand a technological application that is setting a new standard in marketing domination and excellence.

A fellow colleague has tried out the IBP and got ranked on page one with Google after loading and executing the silos on his site. This has rocketed his ranking on the Google rankings. The ability to create these silos and spin the content thereby creating numerous pages of content and each page is a completely different and unique. This new technology that our mentor has created saves tremendous numbers of hours producing creative content. This new platform has assisted in building my colleagues Internet presence much quicker so he can compete in today’s marketplace. Check it out here and get the information!


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