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Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity – Tools of Attraction Marketing

Promoting You To Build Relationships

In the previous blog I discussed the concepts and rationale of Attraction Marketing to build a marketing strategy for a Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity. Since the search engines have been programmed to search for quality niche content, Attraction Marketing has become an effective concept and tool for Online Home Based Business entrepreneurs to personally brand oneself as You, Incorporated on your websites, blogs, videos and social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter and email marketing.

Using these Internet tools you are constantly building a content resource library: developing conversation consulting skills with prospects, blog building, website development, personal growth and business skills

Your Internet presence will be built with your powerful content and information that will exist on your of blogs, websites and articles. As a business entrepreneur you need to build a library of resources so aspiring prospects have access Internet tools and software, leadership and team building skills. This bank of resources can be enriched with conversation consulting skills so your members can call prospects, as well as building personal growth development and basic business skills. Your members will require training in blog building skills and strategies, website development including WordPress installation and posting, widget building and plug-in instructions. Then your aspiring prospects will see that you provide extensive value at reasonable costs plus nurturing them with leadership training and coaching so your business grows and duplicates your success.

Building a blog is where you build and enriching content-filled library for those aspiring entrepreneurs while at the same time building this tremendous content-filled bank of incredible resources that search engine spiders will love to inhabit. While the content Attracts the search engines it will grow your page ranking of your content on page where aspiring prospects will feed at your insatiable content niche. Can it get any better than that?

A Lead Capture page is a simple one page website that offers a compelling offer (free information, video, training, eBook, etc) in exchange for the prospect’s contact information (name, email, phone number). Throughout your blog article you can embed these links in the text of your article that directs the prospect to the information on these landing pages. To find these links, look for an additional colored highlighted text in the blog article and just click on the colored text.

Banners that advertise Clickbank products provide you the opportunity to discuss their value and when customers click on these banners it provides an additional income source. Banners can also provide your customers with additional Affiliate Marketing offers of valuable products and services in your target niche. You can suggest price points varying from low priced info products right up to high priced seminars, courses or coaching programs.

Adsense banners also provide you a source of income because as the viewer of the blog clicks on these banners, Google rewards you because your have directed the viewer to a landing page that Google is marketing. Now, if you promote quality products and inform the viewer, this can also create credibility in your blog because you have directed them to valuable content.

An Auto responder is a must because it is an email service that delivers designed and targeted follow up campaign information to your prospects to further build your relationship because you are offering them further information that delivers valuable education, invitations and markets your products, services or systems on autopilot for you.

An About You Page on your blog provides the customer the opportunity to meet you and get to know you. People want to join people; and marketers have found that customers will then purchase products, services or programs when they have seen a face or talked to a live voice on the phone. Your story can be communicated via Facebook, your blog, your website, videos on your blog and website and also through YouTube videos.

Free or Low Cost Information eBooks and Products can be another strategy to provide tons of value to prospects and direct them to your target niche market so you can inform and educate them again by giving them value and again building trust and a stronger relationship in a non-treating, non-controlling environment. This process can provide you a fast, high converting retail sale where you can recover your marketing costs and monetize your list building.

Using these tools to build your Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity, you can now see how providing valuable content, strategies and resources for your Internet market and see why it is so vital to provide continuing magnetic Attraction Marketing strategies for your aspiring entrepreneurs to grow and develop a Internet presence. This builds your Internet Branding Pro success and this process can explode your business when you employ those spinning articles and landing page silos. This massive spun content will attract the search engines providing the content these prospects want while sitting at their computers and moving to the front edges of their chairs because they will want to monetize their business immediately with these continuity programs.

Your prospects will assist their customers to enhance their business training, providing you passive and residual income. Once you have built one niche you always search for another niche to target and build another business. These are the pieces to the Attraction Marketing puzzle that will continue to build your Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity. Click here for more information.

Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity – Law Of Attraction Marketing

When we talk about developing a Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity, the intent is to market a product or service that provides value to people and builds a business to make money. If you do not make money then you are providing a non-profit charitable service and can brake even or go broke. Both scenarios are valid and ethical. I’m sure the reason you’re here is to build a profitable business so you need a valuable product or service that provides the buyer value. We know that people like purchasing and buying all kinds of products and services but resent and detest marketing pitches that catch you unprepared or at meal time. Knowing these principles of human nature and behavior there is tremendous value in knowing that buyers and purchasers instinctively want to know and trust you and are planning a purchase on a product they need or desire.

So to Attract buyers as do local businessman or corporation in your town or city you need brand yourselves with websites and blogs so you establishing trusted services, entities and brands. When the purchaser has acquired or attained a level of trust through prior experience of reading your blog and website they then will be comfortable to purchase. Buyers in your community locally will either hearing testimonials from friends and neighbors, or have made previous purchases, or have read newspapers articles, magazines and ads or have watched TV ads or other media coverage where they have had time to evaluate these products and services.

In an Online Home Based Business one must build trust through Internet media processes like blogs and websites. So to develop a Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity online and for your business must gain trust by providing valuable information about yourself personally branding ones self, using websites, blogs, videos and social networking. This is where Search Optimization on the Internet and the assistance of web browsers Google, Yahoo and MSN explode with power by reaching your information niche when that buyers searches those keywords that find your page.

The browsers have been developed to search for valued content connecting your specific niche with the prospects need and/or desired niche. If these like-minded individuals, the business entrepreneur and hungry buyer now meet via your web page on a recognized fair valued commodity, have a match made in Internet heaven.

The prospect’s insatiable want has been satisfied via Google’s browser because the buyer has been attracted to the desirable niche built, developed and created via your blog and website. This Attraction Marketing strategy and coordination has built the trust and rewarded you the home based entrepreneur. You attracted like-minded people whose story and background resonates with your story.  Attraction Marketing is a very powerful concept to optimize your Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity by leveraging the tools of social media, blogging, websites and landing pages. Once you have understand this concept we can now use the content of your blog to create articles that can be spun to expand and explode your Internet Branded having prospects and buyers Attracted to your blog, website ad landing pages that builds and develops your business. To find more information click here.

What Key Components Make Up A Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity?

Key Components Make Up A Legitimate Online Home Based Business

Key Components Make Up A Legitimate Online Home Based Business

The success of your business will be paramount to some keys factors that you need to consider when seeking out potential Home Business Opportunities. I challenge you as an entrepreneur to explorer and truthfully consider these factors in our business opportunity below or any business opportunity you’re checking out:

Factors about the company itself:

Check how long the company has been in business and its track record.

Do your core beliefs match and coincide with the company’s mission statement?

Does the company have strong commitment to its partnered members?

    The company’s leadership

    Do the company leaders lead with integrity, support and without a lot of verbal fluff?

    Does the company have a fully integrated and personal online customer management system?

      The company’s training and education?

      Does the company provide training, have marketing system, have resources and provide support?

      Does the company training offer the combination of traditional and contemporary Internet marketing techniques?

      Does the company provide weekly educational webinars and tele-seminars?

      Does the company provide weekly or daily support from professional and experienced mentors?

        The company’s products and services.

        Do the products provide the customer value, with many times more value than they cost to buy, and do the products stand-alone on their own

        Are the products unique in the market industry there by lessening the competition?

        Do you feel comfortable and confident about selling and marketing the company’s products?

        Does not compromise the integrity of its products or its progressive evolution?

          Research the company’s compensation package and/or pay plan

          Are start up costs compatible with your current budget and or finances?

          Is the income potential and business plan for selling these products well planned?

          Is that income potential compatible with your immediate and long term income goals?

          How much of your income will be immediate income and residual income?

          Does the company provide multiple streams of income?

          Are the commissions paid equitable and fair or are top heavy?

          Can this income build wealth and future financial security for you and your loved ones?

            Personal questions you must ask yourself.

            Are you willing to give required the necessary work in developing this to a reality by following the company’s lead without re-invent the wheel?

            Is your determination and focus to succeed, the most important and critical element regardless for this Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity you chose.

              In summary, remember this is your life and you want to make the best objective, informed and educated decision you can possibly choose. Again, to reiterate, consider the integrity and success record of the company and its leadership. Check the marketing systems, training, support, and resources the company provides. Next to the products is the pay plan and compensation package of the company, equitable and provide an immediate and long term income? Finally are you, yes you, willing to put the effort to secure a fulfilled life for you and your loved ones?

              How These Benefits Can Build Your Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity?

              OnlIne Home Based Business

              Can you relate to any of the following listed needs:

              Require additional income to make ends meet?
              Just lost your job and now looking for another source of income?
              Life style change due to motherhood and now require additional income?
              You have a good job however looking to develop an entrepreneurial skills?
              Dissatisfied with present working situation and looking to develop a new start?

              Are you still looking for that comprehensive but fundamentally sound process or system that quickly, easily, and creatively builds a meaningful presence for you on the Internet? This is a MUST READ if you are a serious marketer OR you want to build Big Time Cash Flow from the Internet, promoting any product, opportunity, or service, and you don’t want to wait years, and going through years of painful and expensive trial and error.

              Have you ever thought of a system building single page without having to be a wizard programmer?

              Yes, this system does the most important part of creating a Significant Internet Marketing presence and thereby by eliminating the dirty work for the user. It provides an easy to use system, but still utilizes the most ADVANCED SEO strategies in existence today. The system has easy financial points of entry starting at free to progressive levels of compensation. The system does assist entrepreneurs who require sales leads, new customers, and increased product sales. The system provides entrepreneurs continuous support teaching effective consultative approaches to seeking out the potential prospects needs and finding the prospects desires and needs of building a business.

              This product was build for Commercial Quality and therefore being of such good quality that Internet Companies and Search Engine Optimization service bureaus could use it.

              The results we are now seeing is page 1 rankings in 7-10 days or LESS with properly structured campaigns (which by the way we show you exactly how to do, or offer you a way to have Internet Marketing experts do it for you for a reasonable cost).

              Today, we are seeing companies, traditional businesses and many local businesses, who have realized that yellow pages are dead, they are building better Internet Presence FASTER and dominating their local search terms in days.

              We can assist you in lapping up cash flow from Google Adsense and other advertising sources as well…multi-stream income is the only way to accumulate substantial cash – FAST.

              YES, this has changed the game … forever!

              The mission is to enable the “non-technical” user to Compete and Win against the very best Internet Marketers in the world!

              The system is called Internet Branding Pro, and, no, you will not find a web site showing you all of the capabilities for one reason … our technology is so revolutionary and profound that we have applied for a Patent on it, and will not publicly release the details until which time as it is protected.

              And we are not done adding capabilities to Internet Branding Pro.

              Just like Microsoft who creates new and useful utilities for Windows, we are continuing to incorporate more and more capabilities with point and click simplicity across our platform.

              Here are just a few of the benefits …

              Use Any of your present web sites and build creative silos using our templates
              Promote your existing business, products, or services deeper; or market our comprehensive solution
              Present Unique and Dynamic content on Every page you create.
              Create an Internet presence Magnifying your content effortlessly, quickly and massively.
              Dominate your market.
              Push button updates of entire web property
              Create OPTIMAL Google Adwords keyword target site arrays And Much, Much, Much, Much more!

              Your UNIQUE Opportunity …

              We are continuing to add new commercial clients daily; however, we are seeking BUSINESS BUILDERS; individuals who want to join an Elite Marketers and Entrepreneur community that works together to dominate Internet Market Niches.

              JOIN US, to discover the FIRST totally Legitimate High Profit Point opportunity ever created, and learn how you can generate income even if you have a small tight budget.

              Come learn how you can make truly AWESOME income with ZERO recruiting as early as tomorrow.

              Come learn how you can quickly build monthly residual income (an you won’t be selling pills, potions, or lotions).

              Come learn how you finally can implement that “huge” business idea you have, and cement your wealth.

              And come prepared to see and hear something very different.

              As I said … this is LEGITIMATE … by design.

              Click here to find out more!

              Where Is The Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity?

              Home Based Business Opportunity

              How many websites, blogs and emails have you seen with mammoth promises for marketing e-books and programs that you could receive and purchase which have not really changed your marketing attraction.

              How many online home based business opportunities have you found?

              You have seen the ones:

              • Maybe they promised you a seven-figure income that has not delivered one solitary click on your website or even delivered you one single person to talk to!

              • Has the technology talk overwhelmed you just a little?
              • Or suggest that you are just lacking a bit of motivation – that is all YOUR fault!

              Trust me I also know personally, how hard it is to work by yourself. I too have numerous dust collectors of the next great online money making tips & tricks neatly filed away to be opened …

              It seems to be the right of passage but those days are over.  It is time for this legitimate online home based business opportunity and it is your time to finally make the kind of money you deserve.

              Yes, this has happened to many of us before. Please DO NOT feel for one moment that you are alone!

              Here is how to tell that you are not going to be involved with a legitimate home business at all.

              * You have received the email from some one who claims they make thousands of dollars a month and connect you to a ranting sales page.

              * Then there is the audio and video testimonials and the screen shots of Clickbank accounts just rolling in the bucks day in and day out

              * So you scroll down the page to find at the bottom 5 minutes later the price is “just”a little more than you can afford.

              * And then you feel totally compelled to buy it occasionally (okay too often) despite the information you find has no value to you

              * Plus the bonuses that will take you right over the top in your marketing with the never-before-seen package

              * Oh yes the tug that there are only 7 copies left, HURRY, HURRY before it is gone before you miss out for ever

              * So you have bought it and then… NOTHING that’s what and you have spent a chunk of your hard-earned money on some thing useless because for what ever the reason, no action has ever been taken

              Oh, on to the next slick sales pageoh ya, oh ya!

              Have you felt that vicious cycle!!

              It happened to me again and again and I was completely frustrated! So I can relate to what you are going through.

              So are you still spinning you wheels?

              Maybe you would like to slow down and work with a legitimate online home based business opportunity that:

              Provides you FREE Member Information And Resources

              Download and Read Your FREE Report “The 8 Lies” of the Home Business Industry, PART 1 and PART 2

              Attend at least 1 Opportunity Call or Listen to a recorded call.

              Completely Review the content of the web site and the free content area so you gain a greater understanding of this opportunity.

              Attend at least 1 Industry Training call and review the content regarding the opportunity

              Yes, I agree, there are many offers and many things that look very enticing.  But remember, if it looks to good to be true it is and if you are serious about being a successful online marketer then now is the time to get the information you need to allow yourself to make an intelligent decision based on facts not fantasy.

              Check it out here!


              Ralph & Lil Dickau

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