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What Key Components Make Up A Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity?

Key Components Make Up A Legitimate Online Home Based Business

Key Components Make Up A Legitimate Online Home Based Business

The success of your business will be paramount to some keys factors that you need to consider when seeking out potential Home Business Opportunities. I challenge you as an entrepreneur to explorer and truthfully consider these factors in our business opportunity below or any business opportunity you’re checking out:

Factors about the company itself:

Check how long the company has been in business and its track record.

Do your core beliefs match and coincide with the company’s mission statement?

Does the company have strong commitment to its partnered members?

    The company’s leadership

    Do the company leaders lead with integrity, support and without a lot of verbal fluff?

    Does the company have a fully integrated and personal online customer management system?

      The company’s training and education?

      Does the company provide training, have marketing system, have resources and provide support?

      Does the company training offer the combination of traditional and contemporary Internet marketing techniques?

      Does the company provide weekly educational webinars and tele-seminars?

      Does the company provide weekly or daily support from professional and experienced mentors?

        The company’s products and services.

        Do the products provide the customer value, with many times more value than they cost to buy, and do the products stand-alone on their own

        Are the products unique in the market industry there by lessening the competition?

        Do you feel comfortable and confident about selling and marketing the company’s products?

        Does not compromise the integrity of its products or its progressive evolution?

          Research the company’s compensation package and/or pay plan

          Are start up costs compatible with your current budget and or finances?

          Is the income potential and business plan for selling these products well planned?

          Is that income potential compatible with your immediate and long term income goals?

          How much of your income will be immediate income and residual income?

          Does the company provide multiple streams of income?

          Are the commissions paid equitable and fair or are top heavy?

          Can this income build wealth and future financial security for you and your loved ones?

            Personal questions you must ask yourself.

            Are you willing to give required the necessary work in developing this to a reality by following the company’s lead without re-invent the wheel?

            Is your determination and focus to succeed, the most important and critical element regardless for this Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity you chose.

              In summary, remember this is your life and you want to make the best objective, informed and educated decision you can possibly choose. Again, to reiterate, consider the integrity and success record of the company and its leadership. Check the marketing systems, training, support, and resources the company provides. Next to the products is the pay plan and compensation package of the company, equitable and provide an immediate and long term income? Finally are you, yes you, willing to put the effort to secure a fulfilled life for you and your loved ones?


              Ralph & Lil Dickau

              Business Entrepreneurs
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