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Value That Business Mentor Brings To Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity

The Value A Mentor Brings To Home Business

As an entrepreneur a person can receive a steady daily flow of information regarding news, industry development, and opportunities via your friends, family, the Internet, books, periodicals, newspapers and magazines. Even local analysts, consultants, employees, and good Internet contacts can share their expert knowledge with you when it comes to particular concerns and encounters that come up. However, the true wisdom of a mentor who has worked in an Online Home Based Business Opportunity can direct you and avoid you costly mistakes. The many factors and strategies in marketing your business can be a huge benefit that I have experienced and makes a huge world of difference. A mentor who can check in with you once a week can truly share wisdom on an on going basis. A mentor is someone with more entrepreneurial business experience than you who serves as a trusted confidante over an extended period of time, some times free of charge. You may ask, why would they do this? First and foremost it is a way of giving back to their community and to society at large. They may do it to develop their skills as a teacher, manager, strategist, or consultant. And a true mentoring relationship also works in both directions—they learn about new ideas from you just as you learn timeless wisdom from them.

Whatever the benefits to the mentor, the benefits to you, the entrepreneur, are even ten times greater:

To Whom Do You Turn?: You have decided to step out on your own and develop your own Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity! So can you! You no longer have the luxury of having a boss to turn to for advice or counsel and maybe not even an employee to whom you may seek counsel. So you could be flying solo, however you don’t have to. A good mentor can be a reliable sounding board, another opinion and even some emotional support.

Been There, Done That: I, as a new entrepreneur, am looking for advice from someone who has made the mistakes and has learned the skills and strategies so I do not make the same costly expenses. Since I’m working in an Internet marketing industry I suggest getting a mentor with some Internet experience since I’ve found that you can wander around in an Internet dessert if you do not have Search Engine Optimization and ways to market and develop a customer list. Some of my readings suggest that your mentor does not have to be up on the latest trends or technology because you’ve got other sources for that. I’m uncomfortable with that suggestion since your marketing over the Internet is so critical.

Free Mentoring: While searching the Internet I found some free mentoring services such as SCORE (Service Corps Of Retired Executives) which provide free mentoring. It may be a risky going with SCORE if the mentor does not have some back ground in Internet marketing. However, searching for an Internet mentor for an hour once a week would be very valuable.

Extend Your Business Network: An experienced business entrepreneur mentor will probably bring with them extensive Internet senior decision-makers, that they currently have. My experience has been they will be far more willing to open that network up to you than some casual acquaintance from a networking company.

Build A Trusted Strong Long-Term Relationship: Since your mentor will not be selling you any service or product his major focus needs to be on mentoring. Knowing this should provide an environment for the mentor to combine their experience to build a trusting relationship. Working together over time I know will develop trust that grows even stronger. As the mentor becomes more and more familiar with your business your time will become more efficient. For building a Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity you can expect many rewards working with a mentor and your risk is very minimal and you have very little to lose and everything to gain by finding a good a mentor.  Every business entrepreneur should have trusted mentor. Check out an opportunity here!

Reject The Recession And Create A Thriving Legitimate Online Home Business Opportunity. Part II

During time when the main news stories focus on business downsizing, the rising costs of goods and services, higher unemployment and a general economic down turn, feelings of depression usually follow. But as a Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity business owner you have two choices: you can let the media send you into depression or you can view the economic downturn as an opportunity. During these times in the economy story, historically millionaires are created. While some businesses are giving up and closing their doors, their competitors are seizing opportunities. Which side would you rather be on? Now is the time for you to rise above it and stay a step ahead of your competition and Reject the Recession and check possible ways here!

Here are five ways to thrive in tough times:
1. Revitalize The Old Customer List: Many previous existing or past clients could be re-energized with a fresh reminder e-mail of new products or services you have developed recently. Knowing that they have conducted previous business with you makes it far more likely that they will again in the future. Keeping fresh content before previous customers keeps you reaching out and reminding them that you are still there. Occasionally ask these customers for referrals, offering them powerful incentive such as a cash or product gift for a new referral. Treat these referrals with special care and attention.

2. Refurbish the Ship: If you realize that business has slowed down a little, it is a good time to review you procedures and policies to see if they still make sense in the present economy. Are your customer service policies still meeting your standards? It becomes a time to assess whether your business can perform even better. Are there any strategies that may improve your customer loyalty with improved products and services? Seize the opportunity to look at your business under a microscope to improve it completely.

3. Customer Feedback: Do you presently provide your customers with the opportunity to provide feed back via comments on your blog or have you surveyed your customers asking specific questions that you perceive as potential concerns which would provide specific feed back. Tools at Survey Monkey http: // can assist you with this issue very easily. When you receive the survey results take some time to evaluate the results and take specific action to make improvements. It is also valuable to share the business improvements created due to results of the customer’s responses to the survey.

4. Watch the Bank Account: Previous economical cycles are have existed since the 1920s and the economy has rebounded before and will again. The anxiety during this period is usually due to not knowing when it will rebound. It is important to assess your potential need prior to it happening and check with the appropriate backups with a plan to forge ahead.

5. Focus On Your Business Goals: Use the time to sharpen your skills by checking your goals, start taking classes, reading books, checking the Internet and networking with other business industry colleagues and there may be the possibility of a joint venture project. Check out possible trade associations in your industry and see that your business is at the top of its game plan. Are there possible outsourcing services that take considerable amount of your time? Can you possibly get bookkeeping service for your business so you can direct and focus your time on marketing strategies that you do best?

It is an excellent time to build your Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity bigger, better and stronger. Leave the worrying to your competitors while you seek out opportunities and remain positive. With the correct positive directed energy that is focused on your business you will find outstanding positive results. Check possible ways here!

Reject The Recession And Create A Thriving Legitimate Online Home Business Opportunity. Part I

In a time when the lead news stories focus on business down sizing, governments bailing out large automobile corporations and general economic turmoil, it is difficult to avoid feeling depressed. Along with this there are the secondary effects of the “1 out of 5″ sub-prime default rates causing another chain reaction of rising interest rates and falling home prices engendering even still more defaults with the added foreclosures causing the cycle to repeat in a downward spiral. But as business owners of a Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity we have two choices: we can let the media send us into panic mode and start crying “the sky is falling in” or view the economic downturn as a way to become creative and view it as an opportunity.  Create employment for those unemployed and provide those needy options that people need right now. During other economic down turns, it has been through these times that millionaires have been created. While some businesses are giving up and closing their doors the entrepreneurial competitors are checking out creative opportunities. Where do you find yourself? I encourage you to seize the opportunity and rise above your competition and Reject the thought of Recession and check this out.

Following are five ways to seek a Legitimate Online Home Business Opportunity and survive the tough times.

1. Marketing Is Still The Key: Your first impulse may be to cut back on costs, which is possible in some areas, but cutting back on marketing at this time would be the worst thing to do. As the economy begins to turn around studies have shown that businesses that continue marketing through a depressed economy are the ones that come back the strongest when the economy begins to recover. Develop a market strategy and stick to it. If the current plan is not working then try new strategies because when implemented correctly, marketing is an expense that should pay for itself. Do your homework to find the correct strategy and keep marketing.

2. Cut The Cost Of Your Products Or Services: The reality is that consumers will cut back on their spending through a recession and hang on to their dollars. Now is the time to discount the prices as customers realize the lower prices they will note that those prices have never been this low and be tempted to buy anyway. It is a good time to re-evaluate your pricing strategy and offer discounts off your most popular products and services especially discounts on large quantity orders. Promote and advertize your new lower prices and remember you can always raise these prices later!

3. Promote On The Internet: Increase your web presence through additional web sites and blogs. Provide greater content so the message gets out that you have discounted your products and services and pick up more customers because other businesses may be pulling back. Check out your e-mail marketing services by optimizing it with the best service possible. Now is a great time to optimize the search engines that you are using for your website and blogs. Spending a few hours comparing services you may find a better service during this time as other businesses check they service during these down times. You may find that implementing a new online marketing and sales strategy may be very cost effective. Check out gift certificate purchases to your website and you may uncover a whole new revenue stream. Seeking out an online marketing expert who can evaluate new opportunities and create new strategies.

4. Check Out The Minds of Friends and Colleagues: take a morning with your staff or an evening with close friends that know your business and brainstorm potential opportunities. Try leveraging the magic that a group brain storming activity will provide as the juices begin to flow with some good synergy even though you may start from a blank slate. Just asking for ideas you might be surprised by the creative results.

5. Uncover A New Niche: The previous hustle and bustle of your business may have prevented you from checking out a new niche that has come across your mind. Now might be the time to focus and uncover a new niche that would complement your existing products or services. Added services or product components with reasonable costs may provide added bonuses to your business. Check out the new market opportunities and optimize a strategic plan of attack.

This provides you with the opportunity to plan and optimize the advantages of your Legitimate Online Home Business Opportunity. Adjusting your plan and uncovering new possibilities are much better ways to focus your positive energy and find ways here.

Determining Whether An Online Home Based Business Opportunity Is Legitimate?

Determining Whether An Online Home Based Business Opportunity Is Legitimate?

There are thousands of business opportunities available on the Internet today! Your desire will be to choose a Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity that will provide you a reasonable return on your investment! I want to share with you some of my findings that can provide you with ways and tips to check out whether a business is legitimate.

Contact the Company: In most cases businesses will have a way to contact them by checking their website or blog. Here you should be able to find one the following: email address, telephone number or business address. If you can pick up the phone and contact them this is usually a good sign. Once you contact them it does not prove that they are legitimate however you can ask them for reliable customer contact or obtain further about their business.

Ask the Company for References: Reliable companies will be pleased to give you references and if they stall or are hedging then that can be a warning sign.

Search the web: It is easy to search any company on line and find out what other people are saying about a company. If the feedback is positive you are probably considering a winner.

Google Search: You can also do a Google for the “company + scam” or the “company + complaints.” See what others are saying about them and what the overall experience is.

Check with people you trust: When ever possible check with your friends and colleagues because they too are on the Internet and reading newspapers and magazines and they may have read an article or headline that they can check out for you as well.

Be Sure To Check with the Better Business Bureau: In Canada and the United States you can check this web site Here BBB has a division dedicated to online businesses and any complaints filed about a company can be found here.

Online Forums: can be an extremely helpful and truthful place to obtain further information regarding a particular business. I have listed a few that you can quickly check out plus search for many more on Google.

IM4 Newbies Internet Marketing Online Discussion Forum Directory:

Ezine Articles Forum:

Managing Online Forums:

Pitney Bowes Business Insight Forums:

Home Business Forums:

Business Community Forums:

Once you have checked out any business with the above suggestions and the signals all appear to be positive then welcome to the Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity here and let us help you find your success!


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