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Value That Business Mentor Brings To Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity

The Value A Mentor Brings To Home Business

As an entrepreneur a person can receive a steady daily flow of information regarding news, industry development, and opportunities via your friends, family, the Internet, books, periodicals, newspapers and magazines. Even local analysts, consultants, employees, and good Internet contacts can share their expert knowledge with you when it comes to particular concerns and encounters that come up. However, the true wisdom of a mentor who has worked in an Online Home Based Business Opportunity can direct you and avoid you costly mistakes. The many factors and strategies in marketing your business can be a huge benefit that I have experienced and makes a huge world of difference. A mentor who can check in with you once a week can truly share wisdom on an on going basis. A mentor is someone with more entrepreneurial business experience than you who serves as a trusted confidante over an extended period of time, some times free of charge. You may ask, why would they do this? First and foremost it is a way of giving back to their community and to society at large. They may do it to develop their skills as a teacher, manager, strategist, or consultant. And a true mentoring relationship also works in both directions—they learn about new ideas from you just as you learn timeless wisdom from them.

Whatever the benefits to the mentor, the benefits to you, the entrepreneur, are even ten times greater:

To Whom Do You Turn?: You have decided to step out on your own and develop your own Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity! So can you! You no longer have the luxury of having a boss to turn to for advice or counsel and maybe not even an employee to whom you may seek counsel. So you could be flying solo, however you don’t have to. A good mentor can be a reliable sounding board, another opinion and even some emotional support.

Been There, Done That: I, as a new entrepreneur, am looking for advice from someone who has made the mistakes and has learned the skills and strategies so I do not make the same costly expenses. Since I’m working in an Internet marketing industry I suggest getting a mentor with some Internet experience since I’ve found that you can wander around in an Internet dessert if you do not have Search Engine Optimization and ways to market and develop a customer list. Some of my readings suggest that your mentor does not have to be up on the latest trends or technology because you’ve got other sources for that. I’m uncomfortable with that suggestion since your marketing over the Internet is so critical.

Free Mentoring: While searching the Internet I found some free mentoring services such as SCORE (Service Corps Of Retired Executives) which provide free mentoring. It may be a risky going with SCORE if the mentor does not have some back ground in Internet marketing. However, searching for an Internet mentor for an hour once a week would be very valuable.

Extend Your Business Network: An experienced business entrepreneur mentor will probably bring with them extensive Internet senior decision-makers, that they currently have. My experience has been they will be far more willing to open that network up to you than some casual acquaintance from a networking company.

Build A Trusted Strong Long-Term Relationship: Since your mentor will not be selling you any service or product his major focus needs to be on mentoring. Knowing this should provide an environment for the mentor to combine their experience to build a trusting relationship. Working together over time I know will develop trust that grows even stronger. As the mentor becomes more and more familiar with your business your time will become more efficient. For building a Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity you can expect many rewards working with a mentor and your risk is very minimal and you have very little to lose and everything to gain by finding a good a mentor.  Every business entrepreneur should have trusted mentor. Check out an opportunity here!

Six Profitable Ways To Build Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Profitable Home Based Business

By now you have noticed on the Internet the many different ways individuals are marketing and building wealth online with a Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity. In building an Internet business the greatest struggle I had to learn was the process of marketing online because you require a web presence so that prospects can find your web site, blog or landing page and opt-in box.  The browsers need to know your site market niche exists with content similar to what the searching prospect is looking for and when the prospect learns about your phenomenal and awesome content they will ask for more via an opt-in box. Once you have their email address you can continue building a relationship providing free content and intriguing products and services. You will also find out quickly that there are high and low priced costs of building that web presence and you will need to decide which method you can afford. Some individuals just start with a computer and an Internet connection.

Following are six profitable ways to build a successful online business.

Do heavily focused research on your niche market: that can provide you a profitable niche which can provide you with a successful Internet business. I found this out the hard way by not knowing a profitable niche and stumbling from offer to offer on the web and then not following through on the details that I did purchase. I had motivation, desire, a work ethic, and some money to start but with out paying customers I had no business. So it is so critical to research your niche market for potential paying customers that wish to purchase your products and increase your online profits.

Creating your own web site or blog: is one of the major tasks in order for you to start a profitable Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity because you want to attract Internet traffic to your site. The web browsers are continuously searching for content. The browsers must be prepared ahead of time by knowing your quality content prior to any person searching that specific niche. Only when your site has valuable, searchable content is there any reason to think of marketing your site.

Market Your Niche: Once you have chosen your niche and developed a web site, blog or landing page then market, market, and, market some more! You can have a web site or blog but they will not join you because the browsers do not know you exist until you have content. There are many ways to market your Internet business and here are a few possibilities: writing ezine articles directing traffic back to your site, asking other partner businesses to back link to your site, paying for pay per click, develop a list building strategy, email marketing your prospect list, develop a strategic opt-in landing or squeeze page, or writing and publishing online press releases. These are some of the recommended traditional marketing strategies. Otherwise you can pay some one to create the site, do it your self for free, joining together in a joint venture with someone or research the Internet to see what other online businesses are using.

Create and provide outstanding customer service: at point of sale and after. Satisfied customers will become repeat customers, when provided with super customer service. If you provide them with continuous online hosting, and coaching, you will have a continuity service that will provide huge dividends for a very profitable business. Yes, you can make a mistake, however the way you handle your customer will determine whether they stay with you. Exceptional customer care service will increase your online profits ten fold because the unhappy customer will tell many more people. So keep your feedback positive and imagine the potential for your profits.

Providing Valuable Monthly Content: This concept leads into developing a membership site where you provide customers with monthly membership services such as: software, ebooks, training, computer hosting, training and coaching.  When running a membership site, have each member sign up for a monthly membership thereby generating a recurring commission that provides you 100% of the money. Just charging a nominal fee of  $20 a month and having 1,000 customers can generate a nice income.

Affiliate, Clickbank or eBay marketing: The Internet provides outstanding information through searches that assist you in finding popular niches so you can determine the demand for a certain products. Creating web sites that provide affiliate, Clickbank and eBay products can potentially provide you valuable profitable products in just about any niche if researched properly. These niche products can assist you in making an absolute profitable killing. You can also create you own product and market it directly on your site, offer your product as an affiliate product or sign up with Clickbank and have other people sell your product.

All six profitable business ideas generally work as long as you learn what it takes to get traffic to your website. The traffic will determine just how profitable your business will be. Once you’ve learned how to direct traffic, then you can start operating multiple web businesses to really increase your income. The keys to a profitable Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity is searching for a valuable niche, marketing to your niche market successfully by having a positive web presence through a website or blog, treating your customers as you would want to be treated, providing valuable content and repeating this successful plan over and over again. Find some further suggestions here.

Determining Whether An Online Home Based Business Opportunity Is Legitimate?

Determining Whether An Online Home Based Business Opportunity Is Legitimate?

There are thousands of business opportunities available on the Internet today! Your desire will be to choose a Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity that will provide you a reasonable return on your investment! I want to share with you some of my findings that can provide you with ways and tips to check out whether a business is legitimate.

Contact the Company: In most cases businesses will have a way to contact them by checking their website or blog. Here you should be able to find one the following: email address, telephone number or business address. If you can pick up the phone and contact them this is usually a good sign. Once you contact them it does not prove that they are legitimate however you can ask them for reliable customer contact or obtain further about their business.

Ask the Company for References: Reliable companies will be pleased to give you references and if they stall or are hedging then that can be a warning sign.

Search the web: It is easy to search any company on line and find out what other people are saying about a company. If the feedback is positive you are probably considering a winner.

Google Search: You can also do a Google for the “company + scam” or the “company + complaints.” See what others are saying about them and what the overall experience is.

Check with people you trust: When ever possible check with your friends and colleagues because they too are on the Internet and reading newspapers and magazines and they may have read an article or headline that they can check out for you as well.

Be Sure To Check with the Better Business Bureau: In Canada and the United States you can check this web site Here BBB has a division dedicated to online businesses and any complaints filed about a company can be found here.

Online Forums: can be an extremely helpful and truthful place to obtain further information regarding a particular business. I have listed a few that you can quickly check out plus search for many more on Google.

IM4 Newbies Internet Marketing Online Discussion Forum Directory:

Ezine Articles Forum:

Managing Online Forums:

Pitney Bowes Business Insight Forums:

Home Business Forums:

Business Community Forums:

Once you have checked out any business with the above suggestions and the signals all appear to be positive then welcome to the Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity here and let us help you find your success!

What Key Components Make Up A Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity?

Key Components Make Up A Legitimate Online Home Based Business

Key Components Make Up A Legitimate Online Home Based Business

The success of your business will be paramount to some keys factors that you need to consider when seeking out potential Home Business Opportunities. I challenge you as an entrepreneur to explorer and truthfully consider these factors in our business opportunity below or any business opportunity you’re checking out:

Factors about the company itself:

Check how long the company has been in business and its track record.

Do your core beliefs match and coincide with the company’s mission statement?

Does the company have strong commitment to its partnered members?

    The company’s leadership

    Do the company leaders lead with integrity, support and without a lot of verbal fluff?

    Does the company have a fully integrated and personal online customer management system?

      The company’s training and education?

      Does the company provide training, have marketing system, have resources and provide support?

      Does the company training offer the combination of traditional and contemporary Internet marketing techniques?

      Does the company provide weekly educational webinars and tele-seminars?

      Does the company provide weekly or daily support from professional and experienced mentors?

        The company’s products and services.

        Do the products provide the customer value, with many times more value than they cost to buy, and do the products stand-alone on their own

        Are the products unique in the market industry there by lessening the competition?

        Do you feel comfortable and confident about selling and marketing the company’s products?

        Does not compromise the integrity of its products or its progressive evolution?

          Research the company’s compensation package and/or pay plan

          Are start up costs compatible with your current budget and or finances?

          Is the income potential and business plan for selling these products well planned?

          Is that income potential compatible with your immediate and long term income goals?

          How much of your income will be immediate income and residual income?

          Does the company provide multiple streams of income?

          Are the commissions paid equitable and fair or are top heavy?

          Can this income build wealth and future financial security for you and your loved ones?

            Personal questions you must ask yourself.

            Are you willing to give required the necessary work in developing this to a reality by following the company’s lead without re-invent the wheel?

            Is your determination and focus to succeed, the most important and critical element regardless for this Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity you chose.

              In summary, remember this is your life and you want to make the best objective, informed and educated decision you can possibly choose. Again, to reiterate, consider the integrity and success record of the company and its leadership. Check the marketing systems, training, support, and resources the company provides. Next to the products is the pay plan and compensation package of the company, equitable and provide an immediate and long term income? Finally are you, yes you, willing to put the effort to secure a fulfilled life for you and your loved ones?

              How These Benefits Can Build Your Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity?

              OnlIne Home Based Business

              Can you relate to any of the following listed needs:

              Require additional income to make ends meet?
              Just lost your job and now looking for another source of income?
              Life style change due to motherhood and now require additional income?
              You have a good job however looking to develop an entrepreneurial skills?
              Dissatisfied with present working situation and looking to develop a new start?

              Are you still looking for that comprehensive but fundamentally sound process or system that quickly, easily, and creatively builds a meaningful presence for you on the Internet? This is a MUST READ if you are a serious marketer OR you want to build Big Time Cash Flow from the Internet, promoting any product, opportunity, or service, and you don’t want to wait years, and going through years of painful and expensive trial and error.

              Have you ever thought of a system building single page without having to be a wizard programmer?

              Yes, this system does the most important part of creating a Significant Internet Marketing presence and thereby by eliminating the dirty work for the user. It provides an easy to use system, but still utilizes the most ADVANCED SEO strategies in existence today. The system has easy financial points of entry starting at free to progressive levels of compensation. The system does assist entrepreneurs who require sales leads, new customers, and increased product sales. The system provides entrepreneurs continuous support teaching effective consultative approaches to seeking out the potential prospects needs and finding the prospects desires and needs of building a business.

              This product was build for Commercial Quality and therefore being of such good quality that Internet Companies and Search Engine Optimization service bureaus could use it.

              The results we are now seeing is page 1 rankings in 7-10 days or LESS with properly structured campaigns (which by the way we show you exactly how to do, or offer you a way to have Internet Marketing experts do it for you for a reasonable cost).

              Today, we are seeing companies, traditional businesses and many local businesses, who have realized that yellow pages are dead, they are building better Internet Presence FASTER and dominating their local search terms in days.

              We can assist you in lapping up cash flow from Google Adsense and other advertising sources as well…multi-stream income is the only way to accumulate substantial cash – FAST.

              YES, this has changed the game … forever!

              The mission is to enable the “non-technical” user to Compete and Win against the very best Internet Marketers in the world!

              The system is called Internet Branding Pro, and, no, you will not find a web site showing you all of the capabilities for one reason … our technology is so revolutionary and profound that we have applied for a Patent on it, and will not publicly release the details until which time as it is protected.

              And we are not done adding capabilities to Internet Branding Pro.

              Just like Microsoft who creates new and useful utilities for Windows, we are continuing to incorporate more and more capabilities with point and click simplicity across our platform.

              Here are just a few of the benefits …

              Use Any of your present web sites and build creative silos using our templates
              Promote your existing business, products, or services deeper; or market our comprehensive solution
              Present Unique and Dynamic content on Every page you create.
              Create an Internet presence Magnifying your content effortlessly, quickly and massively.
              Dominate your market.
              Push button updates of entire web property
              Create OPTIMAL Google Adwords keyword target site arrays And Much, Much, Much, Much more!

              Your UNIQUE Opportunity …

              We are continuing to add new commercial clients daily; however, we are seeking BUSINESS BUILDERS; individuals who want to join an Elite Marketers and Entrepreneur community that works together to dominate Internet Market Niches.

              JOIN US, to discover the FIRST totally Legitimate High Profit Point opportunity ever created, and learn how you can generate income even if you have a small tight budget.

              Come learn how you can make truly AWESOME income with ZERO recruiting as early as tomorrow.

              Come learn how you can quickly build monthly residual income (an you won’t be selling pills, potions, or lotions).

              Come learn how you finally can implement that “huge” business idea you have, and cement your wealth.

              And come prepared to see and hear something very different.

              As I said … this is LEGITIMATE … by design.

              Click here to find out more!

              Where Is The Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity?

              Home Based Business Opportunity

              How many websites, blogs and emails have you seen with mammoth promises for marketing e-books and programs that you could receive and purchase which have not really changed your marketing attraction.

              How many online home based business opportunities have you found?

              You have seen the ones:

              • Maybe they promised you a seven-figure income that has not delivered one solitary click on your website or even delivered you one single person to talk to!

              • Has the technology talk overwhelmed you just a little?
              • Or suggest that you are just lacking a bit of motivation – that is all YOUR fault!

              Trust me I also know personally, how hard it is to work by yourself. I too have numerous dust collectors of the next great online money making tips & tricks neatly filed away to be opened …

              It seems to be the right of passage but those days are over.  It is time for this legitimate online home based business opportunity and it is your time to finally make the kind of money you deserve.

              Yes, this has happened to many of us before. Please DO NOT feel for one moment that you are alone!

              Here is how to tell that you are not going to be involved with a legitimate home business at all.

              * You have received the email from some one who claims they make thousands of dollars a month and connect you to a ranting sales page.

              * Then there is the audio and video testimonials and the screen shots of Clickbank accounts just rolling in the bucks day in and day out

              * So you scroll down the page to find at the bottom 5 minutes later the price is “just”a little more than you can afford.

              * And then you feel totally compelled to buy it occasionally (okay too often) despite the information you find has no value to you

              * Plus the bonuses that will take you right over the top in your marketing with the never-before-seen package

              * Oh yes the tug that there are only 7 copies left, HURRY, HURRY before it is gone before you miss out for ever

              * So you have bought it and then… NOTHING that’s what and you have spent a chunk of your hard-earned money on some thing useless because for what ever the reason, no action has ever been taken

              Oh, on to the next slick sales pageoh ya, oh ya!

              Have you felt that vicious cycle!!

              It happened to me again and again and I was completely frustrated! So I can relate to what you are going through.

              So are you still spinning you wheels?

              Maybe you would like to slow down and work with a legitimate online home based business opportunity that:

              Provides you FREE Member Information And Resources

              Download and Read Your FREE Report “The 8 Lies” of the Home Business Industry, PART 1 and PART 2

              Attend at least 1 Opportunity Call or Listen to a recorded call.

              Completely Review the content of the web site and the free content area so you gain a greater understanding of this opportunity.

              Attend at least 1 Industry Training call and review the content regarding the opportunity

              Yes, I agree, there are many offers and many things that look very enticing.  But remember, if it looks to good to be true it is and if you are serious about being a successful online marketer then now is the time to get the information you need to allow yourself to make an intelligent decision based on facts not fantasy.

              Check it out here!


              Ralph & Lil Dickau

              Business Entrepreneurs
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