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Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity – Tools of Attraction Marketing

Promoting You To Build Relationships

In the previous blog I discussed the concepts and rationale of Attraction Marketing to build a marketing strategy for a Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity. Since the search engines have been programmed to search for quality niche content, Attraction Marketing has become an effective concept and tool for Online Home Based Business entrepreneurs to personally brand oneself as You, Incorporated on your websites, blogs, videos and social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter and email marketing.

Using these Internet tools you are constantly building a content resource library: developing conversation consulting skills with prospects, blog building, website development, personal growth and business skills

Your Internet presence will be built with your powerful content and information that will exist on your of blogs, websites and articles. As a business entrepreneur you need to build a library of resources so aspiring prospects have access Internet tools and software, leadership and team building skills. This bank of resources can be enriched with conversation consulting skills so your members can call prospects, as well as building personal growth development and basic business skills. Your members will require training in blog building skills and strategies, website development including WordPress installation and posting, widget building and plug-in instructions. Then your aspiring prospects will see that you provide extensive value at reasonable costs plus nurturing them with leadership training and coaching so your business grows and duplicates your success.

Building a blog is where you build and enriching content-filled library for those aspiring entrepreneurs while at the same time building this tremendous content-filled bank of incredible resources that search engine spiders will love to inhabit. While the content Attracts the search engines it will grow your page ranking of your content on page where aspiring prospects will feed at your insatiable content niche. Can it get any better than that?

A Lead Capture page is a simple one page website that offers a compelling offer (free information, video, training, eBook, etc) in exchange for the prospect’s contact information (name, email, phone number). Throughout your blog article you can embed these links in the text of your article that directs the prospect to the information on these landing pages. To find these links, look for an additional colored highlighted text in the blog article and just click on the colored text.

Banners that advertise Clickbank products provide you the opportunity to discuss their value and when customers click on these banners it provides an additional income source. Banners can also provide your customers with additional Affiliate Marketing offers of valuable products and services in your target niche. You can suggest price points varying from low priced info products right up to high priced seminars, courses or coaching programs.

Adsense banners also provide you a source of income because as the viewer of the blog clicks on these banners, Google rewards you because your have directed the viewer to a landing page that Google is marketing. Now, if you promote quality products and inform the viewer, this can also create credibility in your blog because you have directed them to valuable content.

An Auto responder is a must because it is an email service that delivers designed and targeted follow up campaign information to your prospects to further build your relationship because you are offering them further information that delivers valuable education, invitations and markets your products, services or systems on autopilot for you.

An About You Page on your blog provides the customer the opportunity to meet you and get to know you. People want to join people; and marketers have found that customers will then purchase products, services or programs when they have seen a face or talked to a live voice on the phone. Your story can be communicated via Facebook, your blog, your website, videos on your blog and website and also through YouTube videos.

Free or Low Cost Information eBooks and Products can be another strategy to provide tons of value to prospects and direct them to your target niche market so you can inform and educate them again by giving them value and again building trust and a stronger relationship in a non-treating, non-controlling environment. This process can provide you a fast, high converting retail sale where you can recover your marketing costs and monetize your list building.

Using these tools to build your Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity, you can now see how providing valuable content, strategies and resources for your Internet market and see why it is so vital to provide continuing magnetic Attraction Marketing strategies for your aspiring entrepreneurs to grow and develop a Internet presence. This builds your Internet Branding Pro success and this process can explode your business when you employ those spinning articles and landing page silos. This massive spun content will attract the search engines providing the content these prospects want while sitting at their computers and moving to the front edges of their chairs because they will want to monetize their business immediately with these continuity programs.

Your prospects will assist their customers to enhance their business training, providing you passive and residual income. Once you have built one niche you always search for another niche to target and build another business. These are the pieces to the Attraction Marketing puzzle that will continue to build your Legitimate Online Home Based Business Opportunity. Click here for more information.


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